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We Bought the Bruamart
February 2016
Friends of the Braumart is now officially the owner of the historic Braumart Theater. River Valley Bank and Northern Michigan Bank & Trust placed their faith in our project to lend us money to purchase the building.  They saw the tremendous value that a dedicated COMMUNITY arts and entertainment center can provide to the community.  Their effort will allow us to make some initial upgrades along with making the theater clean, comfortable and inviting. Much larger, longer term projects are being planned.

Braumart group photo - We Bought the Braumart Theater
Daily News Article - Theater Purchase
February 2016
TV6 News - Continuing Story on Bringing back the Braumart
February 2016

Iron Mountain - We’re Bringing Back the Braumart. On February 27th the doors to the Braumart Theatre were warmly opened to the community. Over three hundred people attended the open house to show their support for their newly opened community arts center. The afternoon was set up to both inform and entertain and also included narrated tours of the facility. Many positive comments were made on the work already accomplished and the bright future the building will now have. This is a long term process that needs your support. Please invest your time, talents and monetary gifts as you are able. Won't it be great to once again say "See you at the Braumart!!"

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