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LHAT Regional Conference in Chicago
April 2014

Outside the Uptown Theater Chicago (L to R) Barb Kramer, Jinx Brew, Breanne Pellegrini, John Estes, and Tim Haagensen. Not pictured: Audrey Smith.

Board members of Friends of the Braumart attended a regional conference in Chicago hosted by the League of Historic American Theatres April 9 and 10, 2014. The conference featured a day and a half of presentations and round-table discussions by managers of successful historic theaters from around the country. A tour of the Uptown Theater was also included. Built in 1925 at a cost of $8 million, the Uptown seats 4,000 and is the largest theater in the U.S. The interior features a grand lobby, massive auditorium and ornate decorative plaster throughout. It has been closed since the 1980’s and plans are underway to restore it.

All costs associated with attending this conference were paid for by the attendees and by donations specifically earmarked for conference attendance.  

The League will be hosting their annual conference this July in NEW YORK CITY! Five days of learning in the city that never sleeps! Plans are underway to send at least one board member so we can learn the business of theater from the pros!
Chicago. Pizza. Need we say more? Here we are anxiously awaiting our order of deep-dish. 

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