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Pine Mountain Music Festival
June 2016
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IRON MOUNTAIN, Mich. (WLUC) It's been only four months since renovations started at the Braumart Theater in Iron Mountain, but the new owners weren't going to pass up a Upper Peninsula tradition as the first to hit their stage.

Braumart Theater is re-opening its doors in a big way, for the first time ever, the venue will be the exclusive host to the 26th annual Pine Mountain Music Festival in Iron Mountain.

"To have such world-class musicians in our area is very, very thrilling," said John Estes, vice president of the Friends of the Braumart. "And we're just so incredibly fortunate to have this type of talent come through our town and perform at our theater as our opening event."

Jazz and folk-urban pop have been added to the summer's traditional lineup. But the community is not only being treated to some great music, it's also getting a part of its history back.

"It was kind of a…a sad thing," said Joan Patacnoni, community member. "I think it occurred in a period of time when other things also had kind of disappeared from being active and I…it really left a void."

Bringing back the Braumart, to hold the area-favorite concert series, brings a lot of memories back with it. Seeing this longtime abandoned historic fixture transformed, nostalgia kicked in for many.

"In my teenage years, I used to take my girlfriend to the movies here at the Braumart," said Chuck Macy, community member. "And we always had to make sure we sat in the last row, that way nobody could see us smooching…and she's my wife for 55 years."

"I remember the first movie I ever saw was Gone with the Wind, and I was 12-years-old," said Jean Thekan, community member. "That was in 1940 and, I tell ya, it was something else."

The Lake Effect Jazz Quintet will set the event off this Saturday night. Tickets can be purchased online, over the phone or at the door. You can visit our website at upper michigans source dot com for pricing and for the music festival lineup.

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