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Jan 2011
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Dear friends,

Membership dues for 2011 are due!
With the support of people like you, we will soon have a community Arts Center in a beautifully renovated Braumart Theatre. Purchasing and restoring the building is a very large undertaking. We are about to begin a "capital campaign" to raise funds for our feasibility study. Please consider making an additional donation or contributing to our upcoming Capital Campaign.

"Friends of the Braumart" is moving ahead!

Our Request for Proposal
Last Fall, we released a "Request for Proposals" (RFP) for a study to determine the feasibility of purchasing, operating, and renovating the historic Braumart Theater. The study is made up of four phases: a market study, an architectural-engineering-structural analysis, a facility cost analysis, and a management options and final cost feasibility analysis. The RFP was posted on our website, on the League of Historical American Theaters website, and was mailed to several theater restoration firms.

The proposals are in.
We received five responses to our RFP by the December 31 deadline and they have been distributed to our Board of Directors. If any Members would like to review the proposals and offer their input, please contact us via email. We expect to get through the proposals by our March meeting.

The Friends of the Braumart Board has voted to join Iron Mountain Main Street!
Iron Mountain Main Street is a public/private partnership that encourages economic development and historic preservation of the downtown. The cost for a nonprofit to join is $100 and we will get a link on their website. Iron Mountain was recently selected to receive a $50,000 Historic Preservation assessment and National Register of Historic Places nomination service, which shows that people care about revitalizing Downtown Iron Mountain! Naturally, the Braumart Arts Center will be a part of that renewal!

It's time to get serious about raising money. Redeveloping the Braumart building is a multi-million dollar project, and FOTB Board is considering hiring professional Fundraisers and Grant Writers to meet our financial goals. The discussion is ongoing, and we welcome your feedback! Please email info@friendsofthebraumart.org if you have ideas or suggestions. The first phase of this project will be funding the Feasibility Study and purchasing the building.

Did you know Friends of the Braumart has over 300 members? It's a great start, but we'd love to see even more people behind this project! Our membership dues are only $10 per person per year. If every current member of FOTB brought in a new member, we could reach even more people! Copy this newsletter for someone who cares about the Arts or send them to www.friendsofthebraumart.org and encourage them to join us.

Friends of the Braumart held its first Annual General Membership meeting at the Braumart on October 26th. Nominations for the two open board seats were taken from the floor. Two members were nominated, Duane Peck (current board member) and Audrey Smith (steering committee member). Members in attendance elected both applicants.

A big "Thank You" goes out to Kathy Denny, who served on the Board during our critical first years, and thanks also to Barry Denny for his expert advice from the Steering Committee.

Current Board Members are:
Jinx Brew - President; Duane Peck - Vice President; Barbara Kramer - Treasurer; Audrey Smith - Secretary Other Board Members: Shanna Champeau, Sally Jacobs, Robin Tchokreff

Our Mission Statement:
Our mission is to develop the historic Braumart Theater into a dynamic center which embraces all arts and artists, and provides cultural, educational and economic stimulus for the area.

Are you a member of a service group in our area? We want you to know that Board Members are available to speak to your group about the Friends of the Braumart!

Membership dues for 2011 are now due!
Membership is just $10.00 per person
Additional donations are always welcome!

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