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April 2009
Apr 2009

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Iron Mountain, MI 49801

NEWS UPDATE Steering Committee: Our membership is over 210 strong with members from SIX different States!

The ending balance for March financial report was $4,167.76. These monies were from dues collected and gift donations. The Zonta Home Tour fund raiser for FOTB raised an additional $2,000 plus. Many thanks to Zonta for their generous gift and hard work.

Partnering has been done with Dickinson County Community Theatre; Dickinson Ballet Company; One Community Through The Arts; Iron Mountain-Kingsford Women's Club; and Iron Mountain-Kingsford Zonta Club. Are you a member of a service group in our area? We want you to know that Board Members are available to speak to your group about this important community-wide project!

Election Ballots were counted by the steering committee and our new Board of Directors are: Jinx Brew; Shanna Champeau; Kathy Denny; Sally Jacobs; Barbara J. Kramer; Duane Peck; Robin Tchokreff. Please note the list consists of seven members rather than the original six. Because of a tie vote the steering committee included the two candidates. Members ballot cast count was 110.


Monthly meetings have been set as THIRD Tuesday of every month at 7:00 pm at the Braumart and are OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. Members wishing to receive a hard copy of meeting minutes may send a stamped, self addressed envelope to the Board Secretary, Shanna Champeau, P.O. Box 156, Iron Mountain, MI, 49801. Minutes are also available online. (www.localtheatre.org)

Motion to pay dues to the League Historic American Theatres was approved. Their web site is www.LHAT.org.

Motion to select First National Bank, Iron Mountain as our business bank was approved.

Board Officers elected by the Board Trustees:

President......Jinx Brew; Vice President....Duane Peck; Treasurer....Barbara Kramer; Secretary....Shanna Champeau; Historian...to be selected at later date.

Membership dues for 2009 NOW DUE.

Membership fee $10.00

Send Checks to:
Friends of the Braumart
Attn: Barbara Kramer, Treasurer
P.O. Box 156 Iron Mountain, MI 49801

We incorporated as a non profit as of January 2009 with the state of Michigan. We obtained a Federal EIN. The EIN (number) is used for tax purposes. We are doing a business as 'Friends of the Braumart'. Application is being made to Federal Gov't for our tax exempt status under Section 501c.

The board is busy developing the constitution and articles of incorporation, along with a business plan, and finalizing a financial plan to hire a restoration architect to conduct a feasibility study. Constitution and bylaws will be ready for our May meeting, along with our Mission and Vision Statements. Historic preservation helps save dollars and promotes recycling by using existing building-sustainable development. THE BRAUMART WILL BE THE CENTERPIECE OF OUR DOWNTOWN. We need to SAVE AND UTILIZE this historic building!

The directors are now working on the "Wish List" to present to the architects. If you have something you would like to see become part of the building use please send to the secretary. Remember, it's from small acorns great Oak Trees grow.

We are seeking members to fill the committees that are being developed by the Board to make this project successful. Committees include Fundraising, Public Relations, Grant Writing, Building Acquisition, Maintenance. If you wish to join this army of doers please send your name and address to us with the committee/committees you wish to work. We all, the volunteers, will determine the success of this project.

Do you have an idea for a LOGO? For Our Up an Coming BRAUMART ART CENTRE... can be roughly drawn or described..send to Duane Peck, Vice President; P.O. Box 156, Iron Mountain, MI 49801.

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