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Nov 2010
November 5th, 2010


IRON MOUNTAIN -- In an effort to keep a community gem going, an Iron Mountain organization is asking for help from the community.

The Friends of the Braumart is having its first fund-raiser this weekend and inviting the Marquette Men's Chorus to help.

The Iron Mountain group is working to keep the historic Braumart Theater up and running as a performing and fine arts center in town.

Now with the help of the men's chorus, they're asking for the help of residents to raise money.

"It's entertainment that we don't usually get around here; seeing the historical part of town and the fact that people are excited about reviving it," said Devona from the Friends of the Barumart.

The fund-raiser is Sunday afternoon beginning at 2:30 central time at the Braumart Theater in Iron Mountain.

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