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Dec 2012 Membership Dues Renewal
Dec 2012
Dear friends,

Time to renew your membership!
Your annual membership dues are an important part of our fundraising plan.  Your dues enable us to maintain membership in the League of Historic American Theatres and the Dickinson Area Partnership, send out a quarterly newsletter, and pay artist fees and other expenses related to our events.  Besides $10 yearly dues from our members, we raise money through donations, by ticket sales, grants, and even bake sales.  Your membership dues are especially helpful when we are applying for grants because it shows we have the support of over 300 DUES-PAYING members!    

We’ve started:
In Fall of 2011, FOTB kicked off a $75,000 fundraising effort.  This amount will help guide the development of the future Braumart Arts Center by paying for two phases of the Theater Redevelopment Feasibility Study, conducted by the Milwaukee firm of Engberg Anderson, and for the services of Panas Linzy & Partners, fundraising and marketing consultants. 
On November 1, a representative from Engberg Anderson conducted an in-depth site inspection as part of the Architectural, Engineering, and Structural Analysis of the building.  The completed study will include a historical and aesthetic report, facility cost analysis, a refined conceptual design reflecting our desired uses for the building, and other critical documents and ideas which will move the project forward.  
The Big Picture:
Dickinson County and the surrounding area needs an enriched cultural atmosphere and economic stimulus.  Many local cultural groups have expressed a need for facilities that are available, affordable and up-to-date to showcase and support local artists.  Employers also report that attracting and retaining quality employees is challenging because of a significant cultural gap in the arts.  A renovated historic theater will provide a venue for ongoing educational opportunities and community activities for people of all ages.  The Theater Redevelopment Feasibility Study will provide empirical proof of the needs that a regional arts center will fulfill.  Completion of these studies is the vital first step toward the whole program of developing a regional arts center.
We have a long way to go before we reach the $75,000 needed to complete all three studies.  Please consider making a donation for our Theater Redevelopment Feasibility Study.  Friends of the Braumart is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization so your donation may be tax-deductable.  Thank you for your continued support!
Annual Election:
Three positions on the Friends of the Braumart Board opened up in October.  Three people stepped up to fill those spots, so an election was not necessary.  Barb Kramer, our current Treasurer, will continue for another three year term.  Thank you, Barb!  FOTB is pleased to announce that John Estes and _ joined the Board.  They are accomplished, experienced individuals whose talent and enthusiasm will carry our organization forward during the next three years.  Welcome aboard!
We bid a fond farewell to two long-time Board members who have completed their terms.  We are so grateful to Sally Jacobs and Shanna Champeau for their years of service and contributions.
Keith Martin’s ride:

Keith, a visually-handicapped cyclist, grew up in Channing and currently lives in Belvidere, Illinois.  To support the Braumart project, he collected pledges for his participation in the 100 Kilometer route of the Tour de Dickinson cycling event on August 18th, 2012.  Keith has Stargardt macular dystrophy, which is the most common form of inherited juvenile macular degeneration.  Stargardt Macular distrophy leads to legal blindness as an adult.  Keith raced the entire 100 kilometers and raised $241 in pledges!  The FOTB Board offers its congratulations and thanks to this inspiring athlete!

Keith is sporting a Friends of the Braumart T-shirt in this photo. Contact us if you want to purchase one of your own!

Our Mission Statement:
Our mission is to develop the historic Braumart Theater into a dynamic center which embraces all arts and artists, and provides cultural, educational and economic stimulus for the area.  
Integrys Energy Services: Another way you can support FOTB
Integrys Energy Services and the Dickinson Area Partnership have developed a gas choice offering for any current natural gas customers in good account standing with either Consumers Energy or MichCon (DTE).  By selecting Integrys as your alternative supplier for natural gas through the Michigan Gas Customer Choice program, you will receive a pre-negotiated discounted rate on your natural gas use.  This discounted rate is below Integrys’ standard rate, which has historically measured favorably against comparable utility rates. 
Upon your enrollment, you will be a participant in the Integrys gas customer choice program.  For every enrollee who enrolls for a 12-month term, Integrys will donate $25 to the Friends of the Braumart on your behalf!  To sign up or for more information, please contact Teresa Louys at 906-396-4148, or visit the enrollment site at www.integrysenergy.com/dap.

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