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December 2013
Dec 2013

      December 2013
Friends of the Braumart News

Bring Back the Braumart 2014
 Buying the Building
We are getting closer than ever and we need your help.
This issue of the Friends of the Braumart News is all about how you can help us to move forward toward our goal of creating a sustainable venue for arts, culture and education in our community.  Yes, it’s asking you for a financial commitment, or for your commitment of time, talent and energy, or some of each.
Securing The Braumart’s Future
How You Can Help
Donate. The architects have told us that the building is “structurally sound”. We believe that now is the time to move forward with the purchase of the building.  Will you help by making a donation to the Building Purchase Fund?  All monies received will be used for costs associated with securing this historic treasure. Donations are tax-deductible.  Please consider a donation to The Friends of the Braumart before the end of the year. Your help is appreciated!
Become a member. Consider using your skills as a Friends of the Braumart Board member. This is an exciting time in our history. You can be a part of the decision-making process to Bring Back the Braumart!
Support from our members is important, too!  Becoming a member or renewing your membership helps us to offset our operational costs and gives potential funders a snapshot of how well The Friends of the Braumart is supported by the community.
It’s time to renew! Please send in your membership form and donation today!
Ways You Can Help It All Come Together
                                  PO Box 156
                            Iron Mountain MI 49801
Email: info@friendsofthebraumart.org
Website: friendsofthebraumart.org
Facebook: Friends of the Braumart
Join Us Today!
The mission of Friends of the Braumart is to develop the historic Braumart Theater into a dynamic center which embraces all arts and artists and provides cultural, educational and economic stimulus for the area, and to provide a social and cultural gathering space.
Jinx Brew, President
Duane Peck, Vice-President
Audrey Smith, Secretary
Barbara Kramer, Treasurer
Tim Haagensen, Historian
John Estes
Dr. Nelson Hassell
Theodore Izzo


Friends of the Braumart News
December 2013
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The Year in Review- Raising Awareness and Funds through Action
·         Hosted two post-concert receptions for the Pine Mountain Music Festival
·         Participated in 3 Fourth of July Parades
·         Keith Martin, a legally blind bicyclist rode 877 miles around the U P to raise money for The Friends of the Braumart and to promote awareness for Macular Degeneration
·         Hosted Mostra d’Arte, a juried art show and sale
·         Held a live auction and Harmonious Wail Concert at the Braumart
·         Promoted FOTB at the Dickinson County Fair
·         Kicked off a Raffle Ticket sale
·         Presented Westerly Winds Big Band in concert at the Braumart
Plans for 2014:
·         Increase our donor support
·         Continue fundraising activities
·         Conduct a Capital Campaign
·         Purchase the Braumart Theater
·         Finalize plans for the interior
·         Seek grants and endowments
·         Promote awareness of our project
·         Recruit new members and volunteers
·         Develop partnerships/collaborations with all
“Dickinson County 100 + Women Who Care” Donates $18,828 to Friends of the Braumart
Dickinson County 100+ Women Who Care voted in August to donate the proceeds of their quarterly meeting to the Friends of the Braumart.
Jinx Brew, President of the Board, accepted the award and spoke on behalf of The Friends of the Braumart. She said, “We will put this money in the Building Purchase Fund. The money given to us by these wonderful women will go a long way to make a regional arts and culture center and gathering place a reality in our community.”
Since August, The Friends of the Braumart has received other donations that are earmarked to buy the building.   
You can help by making a contribution to the Building Fund .
Please continue to support our cause!

Pictured (L to R) are Board Members Audrey Smith, Tim Haagensen, Barb Kramer, Ted Izzo and Jinx Brew, accepting the donation from Kris Leonard and Terese Fortier of 100+ Women.

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Securing The Braumart’s Future, cont’d.
How You Can Help
Endowments are gifts that are given now for the future.  We have established a fund with the Dickinson Area Community Foundation where you can contribute for the long term good of the Friends of the Braumart.
Bequests are also a very important part of the funding structure of our organization.  Please consider The Friends of the Braumart in your will or estate plan. Your attorney or financial planner can provide you with the information you need to make this decision.
Volunteers are always welcome. As we move forward and the demands of running our organization become more complex, volunteers will be needed more than ever. Helping at events, office operations, developing educational programs, building maintenance-these will all be volunteer duties so that we can use our resources to develop the Braumart Center for the Arts.
      December 2013
Friends of the Braumart News
The Friends of the Braumart has partnered with The Dickinson Area Partnership and Integrys Energy Services to offer pre-negotiated discounted natural gas rates to our members. In appreciation for your support, Integrys will donate $25 to The Friends of the Braumart, if you select our organization. Don’t miss this opportunity to support the Friends of the Braumart and potentially save money on your gas bill at the same time.  This opportunity is a win-win for you and the Friends of the Braumart! To enroll or for more information, go to: www.dickinsonchamber.com/integrys   
Endowment Opportunity
The Friends of the Braumart has set up an endowment fund with the Dickinson Area Community Foundation.
The Community Foundation is a vehicle through which you can make gifts and bequests that will benefit The Friends of the Braumart for years to come.  Income from these gifts will be used to address a broad spectrum of needs. Your donation works “For Good and Forever” and it's fully tax deductible. When you donate to our endowment fund, your gift principal never gets spent. It is carefully invested by the Foundation, and the earnings are used to benefit the Friends of the Braumart through annual grants.  For more information, please contact the Foundation office at 906-774-3131.
Grant Received
The Friends of the Braumart received a $250 mini-grant from he Dickinson Area Community Foundation in October.
It was used to help sponsor Westerly Winds tickets for children under the age of 18. Because of the grant, we were able to offer tickets to children for only $1. 
Complete this form and mail, or go to www.friendsofthebraumart.org to sign up and donate online.
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